The Canberra Times Poetry

Submission Guidelines
·       Poems suitable for a general audience in most styles and on most subject matters are welcome.
·       • Please send up to 3 UNpublished (includes blogs etc) poems of up to 24 lines, to
     • The 24 line maximum includes quotes/notes/references (but not title and stanza breaks).
·       • Preferably attach all poems in one Word file — please include your name in the document title. (You are welcome to also attach a PDF if you are concerned that formatting might slip in the Word doc. Pasting into an email if you have to is fine too.)
·       • Please submit poems during designated submission periods only. 
     Poems should not be on offer to other print or online publications. (Oh the complications!)
·       • You will be notified by email either way, 6-8 weeks after close of submissions.
·       If selected, your poem should generally be published during the following several months.

NB While everything possible is done to reduce the risk of a selected poem not appearing
The Canberra Times cannot guarantee publication. It will be taken that poets who submit poems 
understand there is a chance their poem may not appear. With apologies.
     Send your stand-out poems.
     Send a variety.
     Be strategic — remember that poems are selected months in advance of publication.
   Please note that sometimes poems are published in a smaller font due to space limitations — if   you have an issue with this you might prefer to submit shorter poems.
•    For the same reason it is better not to send poems with very long lines or elaborate formatting.

A biographical note is not necessary but is of interest — just one or two sentences will do it. 

The Canberra Times publishes one poem per week in its Saturday Panorama arts section, pending space availability.

The aim is to publish poems on a wide variety of themes while at the same time maintaining a balance between Canberra Region and interstate/overseas poets, emerging and established poets, male and female poets, poets from different cultural backgrounds, and poets who have published in The Canberra Times before and those who have not.

To facilitate a diverse contributor base, there is generally a gap of at least 9 to 12 months left between poems by any same poet.

Please note The Canberra Times receives hundreds of poems and has space for just a fraction of those. It is regretful that so many quality submissions have to be declined each time.

Submission periods are now quarterly (subject to change). Submission calls will be promoted to the list of poets compiled from enquiries and previously published contributors, and through social media and poetry networks — thank you for passing the word on.

If you can access The Canberra Times where you live, please buy it every Saturday to support fellow poets and a major newspaper that still supports poetry.

Looking forward to reading your poems.
Lizz Murphy
The Canberra Times Poetry Editor

Updated February 2018

The Poetry Editor position is a remote/freelance very casual role. We don't get an office or a team at The Canberra Times :) Thank you to previous Poetry Editors including Melinda Smith 2015-17 and Geoff Page before her.

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